Briquetting Machine

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is the world’s largest manufacturer, supplier, exporter of Briquetting Plants, Biomass Briquetting Plant, Briquetting, Biomass Briquettes and other machineries. Briquette Machine is used to make briquette out of any agricultural and forest waste. You can make your waste problems, literally, a much smaller part of your business, and can improve your bottom line by reducing storage and handling costs and increasing income at the same time. 

We have reached to the top most position in market by manufacturing and exporting Briquetting Machine. The demand of Biomass Briquettes and other products has increased constantly across worldwide. This is an eco-friendly technique offering a revolutionary solution for global warming. Briquetting plants can easily process different types of biomass and organic waste like forestry waste, food waste, crop residues and sawdust, to name a few.